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Helping you communicate the heart and purpose of your work 


Film making that contributes towards better business and a fairer society

What if all this effort is for nothing? What if nothing changes. If nobody cares and the world car...

A short film about the importance of nurturing creativity, and how organisations such as MeWe360 s...

What happens when we make the conscious effort to step outside of our echo chamber? To look for an...

The University of Winchester faced a problem - a microcosm of a problem that is facing the much of...

What happens when you steer a business conversation towards the subject of love? In 2012, I interv...

Business School education has changed little since the 1960s, whilst 50 years later the world into...

It took a week for Laura Ellen Bacon and her team of volunteers to create this exhibition for Winc...

What needs to be present for a training course to become a moment that changes the course of your...

A short film about citizenship

Getting started

The initial conversation involved the influential Sim...

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