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Playful, surprising and insightful. ViewFinder is a different kind of conference film. 

It's Remarkable

For delegates, it’s about surprise and delight, it’s a story to share back at the office and it’s a memorable engagement with the event.


For event organisers and organisations, it’s an innovative means to better understand their customers, and an opportunity to get real insight into the themes of their event and create some entertaining content to share with online communities.

It's Playful and Authentic


We create a mini-studio at your event - lights, camera, backdrop, gantry. By itself it creates a sense of theatre and intrigue. We set up a playful exercise and questions, tailored to the theme of the event, and invite delegates to get involved.

When people are having fun, being playful, they engage directly. They think and respond to questions from another perspective, sometimes humorously, sometimes with sincerity, but most often authentically.


It's Theatre

And it’s memorable. We believe in showing the quirks, the humour and the vulnerabilities as a genuine way to connect with audiences. This creates great theatre, great videos, and revealing insight.

In real time, as the minutes and hours pass, we also use photography and social media to share the delegate experience. We harness hashtags and usernames, sharing images of the event and engage participants a second time - this time beyond the four walls of the venue.


Curious? Have a look at the examples above and if you’d like to know more just drop us a line.
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