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Warmth, kindness and collaboration are a good place to get started. 

Seeing a Future Emerge

What needs to be present for a training course to become a moment that changes the course of your life? Great course material, sure, informed facilitators, yes that too, but according SAFE, the most important quality is the heart and mind to really, genuinely care about the people around you.

SAFE, who commissioned this film, run a course called Choices. They offer it to people who have struggled to get into work for one reason or another, often because they have been overlooked or slipped through the net of conventional statutory services.

During the film, Nicola - one of the current facilitators - says 'it was such privilege to work on this project.' And it really was. SAFE needed to recruit new facilitators and new clients so wanted to demonstrate the qualities needed to run their Choices course - compassionate, open, able to listen well and the skills to help people change their thinking.

Being present during the course (whilst filming) led me to appreciate that they really do mean it - there is no us and them, no sense that the people on the course are somehow remote or worse inferior to those who facilitate.

And it's a great inspiration for life - regarding the people around you as peers, showing compassion and vulnerability and offering others the time to really listen - it might make a difference outside the classroom too?


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